Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What new on the NOT LAME shelves??? 07. 29.09 Part One

Here's some of the newest releases straight from the Boss's desk to your ears!

PhotobucketPeter and the Penguins-HOW TO CHOOSE A SWEETHEART
SWEDISH IMPORT! A stunner for fans of The Spongetones and other newer bands that have arrived in the last few years happily digging up the Mersey sounds of early Beatles like The Fore and The Offbeat!!!

"They usher in the new beat(le-esque) era, and are the latest, fab stewards of the good ship Beatle-esque to steer the ears of melodic pop fans and denizens of the beat music era to a rousing chorus of yeah, yeah, yeahs.There`s no doubt about it: Peter and the Penguins is the Beatle-esque `it` band of the moment. If Beatle-esque and beat pop are your game, then you`re in for a great time, and you can`t beat that!" - Alan Haber,

PhotobucketDavid Grahame - DT & THE DISAGREEABLES
MORE BIG, BIG NEWS! Another bonafide power-pop classic - no question! Forty copies arrived the other day and only a few are left - DO NOT WAIT! If you have noticed, in the last few months, I have made available some of long out of print titles from David Grahame. Yes, for a short time.The latest one to be unearthed is DT & THE DISAGREEABLES. It's hook after hook after hook. Usually such albums leave the passionate pop fan breathless at the end. But as with his body of work, the feeling here is "ready for me, bring it on". Such is the light, easy and transcendent joy of albums such as DT & THE DISAGREEABLES.

"Top 5 of 2004! The mercurial Mr. Grahame strikes again, doling out a bunch of sweet pop tunes that are impossible to shake." - John Borack, Amplifier

PhotobucketMichael Carpenter - REDEMPTION #39
COMES WITH BONUS 15 song CD-R "best of" compilation called THE NOT LAME YEARS!!! LIMITED!!! The latest evolutionary step for Carpenter is REDEMPTION #39, for me his most consistent, most accomplished project yet. The album showcases an uncompromising, stylised sonic palette that reflects the album`s starker themes and content. While it has the familiar colors of power-pop and alt-country, his fans have come to expect from his solo output, this material comes from a more distinct creative place.

PhotobucketThe Pleasers - THAMESBEAT
SKINNY TIE ALERT!! Japanese Only CD!!! The Pleasers were all about the Merseybeat side of that new strain of Beatles inspired power pop that was evolving at the time. They were a bit too worshipful of those sounds(and looks - they all dressed in matching suits and skinny ties a la The Knack) to make a dent on the upheaval of the music scene of the time but just listen to the samples below and you will find that this is a band that is great find for many Not Lamers. This CD has twenty-four tracks total. Twelve from their released EPs of the time and twelve bonus. Extremely Highly Recommended!

PhotobucketTony Cox - UNPUBLISHED
A FIND!!! Yeah, this what pop fans are always looking for: that unknown, undiscovered treasure and Tony Cox IS. UNPUBLISHED is an album of gorgeously executed, perfect pop songs will leave you breathless - as good as anything else you will hear all year.

"10 out of 10. This Tony`s first release and consists of 11 self-penned, perfectly crafted pop songs. If you love melodies that float around your head for days you will love this album. Tony`s songs are effortlessly structured in a classic pop style." - CD Universe

"It is refreshing to be able to listen to an album made in 2009 that marries itself so lovingly with 60`s PowerPop. Tony Cox will find his place in the PowerPop spotlight." - Modern PowerPop blog

PhotobucketThe Leftovers - EAGER TO PLEASE
The Leftovers have moved into my Top 10 for 2009 so far! Filled with ultra-catchy power pop gems, EAGER TO PLEASE successfully combines the classic 60s sounds of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Phil Spector and the 70s PowerPop of Elvis Costello, the Romantics and the Rubinoos, while keeping the upbeat energy of the Ramones and the Queers.

"Pure pop perfection - add a strong punk influence, a la the Ramones, salt in a bit of Elvis Costello and pepper with The Beatles and you are feasting on the tasty treat we know as "The Leftovers"."
-Smart Punk


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