Monday, June 1, 2009

The 2009 Charlotte Pop Fest is ON!!!

PhotobucketJames Deem just sent me a message that the 2009 Charlotte Pop Fest is a go, and just check out the acts signed up so far: the Posies, the Spongetones, Bill Lloyd, Myracle Brah, the Singles, the Jellybricks, Starbelly, Cliff Hillis, Dennis Schocket, Josh Burch, Cool King Chris, Crisis, the Everyday Things, gogoPilot, Barry Holdship, Ed James, Tony Low, Leisure McCorkle, Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings, Scott’s Garage, the Stars Explode, the Stellas, stratocruiser, Transmission Fields, U-Phonik, the Vinyl Strangers and James Deem, with more to be announced!!!

You have go to get your tickets now! $50 for a three-day VIP pass is a steal!!! Click here to check 'em out!


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