Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you heard the new Cheap Trick...on 8-TRACK???

PhotobucketCheap Trick's latest album, THE LATEST, is available digitally, but the pop-rockers are going back in time to also release the album as a, get this, 8-track! You always hear people decrying the demise of vinyl, but aren't 8-tracks best left to 70s nostalgic reminising? I remember the stereo in my mom's car and how, as the 80s went one, one by one her Carpenters and Neil Diamond 8-track were eaten and spooled all over the front seat until she broke down and bought a cassette player--in 1988!!!

Here's a preview widget of the new album!!! What do you think? Rocks pretty hard--pretty sure I'll be buying it on CD! Or possibly reel-to-reel.


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