Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bruce's NEW AT NOT LAME Update for early Jan. 2008!!!

Straight from the boss, here's Bruce's list of what's new at NOT LAME...

Here are the Top New Releases on the Not Lame web site for early January. There are many new releases on da 'ole home page, but for the time starved, these are the ones worth of your precious time. Click on the links for full mini-reviews on each CD and listen 'n sample lots of soundbites, as well. Have Fun!

PhotobucketWISELY - s/t DO NOT MISS this one! Not Lame released his last one, PARADOR (almost out of print, btw!). This one stands right beside that one, as well. It's insanely awesome, so much so that I put soundbites up of each and every song so you can truly check this out. Takes a lot of time, but you are worth it! BUY this now and get a free 2 song CD-R, exclusive to Not Lame and only available for another week or so!

PhotobucketCHRIS ARDUSER - HAPLESS I'm so in love with all of Arduser's body of work, but this one is REALLY his best. The most apt comparison is to the later works of XTC, with layered arrangements, crafty writing, and a sense that each song has something new to reveal each time you hear it.

PhotobucketTHREE HOUR TOUR - B-SIDE OBLIVION Listen to the tracks and you┬╣ll hear refrains of Myracle Brah's Andy Bopp (songs 3 and 6, in particular), post-Beatles/Badfinger (song #2), Velvet Crush and just a insanely refreshing batch of songs all over the tentracks. Features the talents of Adam Schmitt (playing and co-producing)and Brad Steakley (Elvis Brothers, Big Hello, Romantics, The Handcuffs) and Paul Chastain(Velvet Crush).

PhotobucketTENNIS COURTS - s/t This is the new project from Wes Hollywood, a Chicago popster who should bea household name, but alas, is not. TENNIS COURTS will get more know ofhim. All the songs flirt with late 70`s new wave pop know-how, this onecaptures that same energy and adds a Mod-era hook magic and Costello-esquesensibility and lots of peppy charm.

PhotobucketROLLO TIME - s/t This quote from AbsolutePowerPopBlog sez it all: "If you're a fan of classic power-pop in the vein of Superdrag, The Shazam, Splitsville and various other bands whose name starts with "S", the Rollos deliver the kind of discthat rewards power pop fans for waking up each day and asking "what's new and exciting out there?".

PhotobucketBRAM TCHAIKOVSKY - STRANGE MAN, CHANGED MAN 2008 reissue of one of the most over-looked power pop albums from the late 70s. "4 1/2 stars. the songs which owe as much to '60s pop as they do to pub/punk rock. The pure pop of "Girl of My Dreams" (a minor hit in the U.S.)perfectly encapsulates late-'70s Brit-pop and stands as one of the classic singles of the era."-AMG.

PhotobucketARTFUL DODGER - HONOR AMONGST THIEVES Important reissue for oldster popsters! ""In classic power pop style, thegroup combined hard-driving electric guitars with catchy arrangements andharmonies. But where the Raspberries emphasized balladry and romanticism,and Big Star had both that plus lyricism, Artful Dodger put its stock instraight-ahead guitar energy and high-end vocalizing."-AMG.

PhotobucketATOMIC - WONDERLAND BOULEVARD German import and a good 'ole fashioned rock band with influences and soundsgrounded in 90s British rock (Oasis), Swedish rock (Mando Diao) and a bit of gritty old school punky pop (anyone remember the post-Sex Pistols band, The Professionals?)!

PhotobucketTHE HOPE TRUST - THE INCURABLE TRUST Sweet Americana pure pop, a must for fans of The Pernice Brothers, The Jayhawks and poppy Wilco! Gorgeous material!

PhotobucketTHE BILLIE BURKE ESTATE - LET YOUR HEART BREAK Fans of classic Ben Folds, listen up! But Billie Burke Estate toys with other classic influences, such as Nilsson, early Billy Joel and Elton John. A collection of songs that balances clever and provocative songwriting with tight and groovy arrangements.

PhotobucketALL NIGHT CHEMISTS - s/t This is the debut from this band (check out SPOTS from them, from last month). For Fans of The Grays, The Odds, Doug Powell, Squeeze, Owsley, Chris Brown and, if you remember this band from the 90s, Human Radio. Delicious,slow yet soaring choruses connect up their high reaching arrangements.

PhotobucketGREG SUMMERLIN - ALL DONE IN GOODTIME A real bonafide surprise, check the soundbites on this one out! "These 14 songs are full of upbeat pop energy, well written and thoughtful lyrics" -URChicago. "Imagine an early adulthood sequel to Brian Wilson's teenagesymphony to God, SMILE.(With) Mitch Easter's power pop classicism, Sufjan Stevens' fanciful hookiness makes for some strangely rocking, articulatebeauty" -HM Magazine

PhotobucketTHE THIRD MEN - BOOST Fans of acts such as the Dream Syndicate, Todd Rundgren, Big Star and Badfinger will undoubtedly find something familiar yet refreshing in the group's melodic, high-energy sound.

PhotobucketNEIL MACDONALD - PICTURE OF SOMEONE YOU NEED The songs are no frills, heavy on melody, and immediately singable. Watchout for this one... good clean fun. The 10 songs here are easy on the ears--energy, sweat, sincerity, passion and a genuine sense of excitement seems to surround the material here.


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