Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New video from P. HUX !!!

Straight from Bruce:

Our man, Parthenon Huxley has just put up a cool video of his song "Come Clean", which is his new album, KISS THE MONSTER.

Folks outside of the United States will, more than likely, not follow all the faces in the video but they are all prominent politicians - State Governors, Congressman, a mayor of a big city - caught up in sex scandals. (An Aside: when will this douche-bags stop forcing their wives to step on the stage with them and humiliate them anymore than they've been to make themselves look better? I try not to fall into the trap of condemnation of others but when you fall and screw up, own it on your own, guys.)


Here's a absolutely great interview w/ Parthenon with Brian Ibbot, host of Not Lame's podcast and one of the best podcasts on the planet, Coverville. Click here to download!!!

Since it's a show about cover songs and Parthenon has been a member of Orkestrtra (basically, ELO Part 2) for many years, listen in to hear what he plays from the ELO catalog, as well talking about and performing other covers songs he's done over the years! A lot of great music in this podcast!!

Bryan Scary needs our help!!!

PhotobucketWell--this sucks! We just got this letter from the band and, since we're all huge fans of Bryan Scary, as I'm sure you are, if you can, help the guys out...

Hello Friends,

Tragedy has struck Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears. Our van, trailer, and all of our instruments were stolen the other night in Los Angeles. The band is stuck in L.A., and we're in desperate need of your help.

Adding insult to injury, the insurance company is refusing to help replace our gear. We're still waiting to hear back about coverage for the van and trailer.

Among the stolen instruments was my 42-year-old drum set. My grandfather passed-away before I had a chance to meet him, but he played on that kit. Needless to say, I'm devastated.

Please find it in your heart to help us out. I set up a paypal account to receive donations for the band. Please go to www.paypal.com, click on "send money" at the top, and the
receiving account email is bauer_brian@yahoo.com. There is also a donation button at the Bryan Scary MySpace.

Thank you so much.


Brian Bauer of BSST

Friday, April 25, 2008

Free music from SLOAN and SHAKE SOME ACTION!!!!

If you're like us here at NOT LAME, you love music freebies!!! What better way for a band to promote themselves then to give away free tunes to help us make an educated decision when it comes time to buy their album--and from the sound of these tracks from SLOAN and SHAKE SOME ACTION, go ahead and put my order in!!!

PhotobucketSLOAN: The upside of the digital life. Sloan has just posted a full preview of their upcoming album. RIGHTEOUS!! And the album is pretty much the same, as well. Do these guys make bad records? Never. ENJOY!!

Click here to stream!!!


PhotobucketSHAKE SOME ACTION: Seattle's fave power-pop sons contacted me and asked that if we thought this new song, "Looking For Someone" from their upcoming record Sunny Days Ahead was rockin' enough, if we could post it...you guys don't evenhave to ask! We'll always be happy to post tunes from a kick-ass band like Shake Some Action!!!

Click here to download "Looking for Someone"!!!

Want some more Shake Some Action??? Check out this behind-the-scenes footage and get pumped for the new album!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bruce's Lowdown on Nick Lowe!

PhotobucketA real songwriter.

We don't have enough of them. For music fans, these are the gunslingers of passion. They go into the frontiers of live interaction and let their confidence and pride do the talking. No horse, no posse, just a gun/guitar at their side and we either respond with awe,respect or we view them as 'just another' tough guy, just another musician.

98% of musicians fall into the later category. Pick yr own number, but if you don't go over 95%, you are a dreamer, my friend. The special ones are special for a reason.

Anyway , last week, I made the drive to Boulder to see Nick Lowe do an acoustic show. I went to see a legend in my own mind as I've been a fan since 1977 when I picked up the "Bowi" EP at Harvard Square Coop and, shortly thereafter, "Jesus Of Cool" on import in the Bowery in New York City (there's a story for later, 15 yr old Bruce from Boston wandering the Bowery to make a mecca-trip to CBGB's).

Now, I'm not a big fan of the singer/songwriter dude/dudette standing up in front of audience, strum acoustic guitar, pour heart into glass, dispense inner-soul yearnings for audience kind of experience. When it works, it's extraordinarily moving, life-changing and gives us reasons for why 'art' is important to set a context of meaning for our lives.

PhotobucketIt works about 1 out of every 30 or so of these kinds of gigs though. Why? Well, the talent can be there(witness: opening act for Nick Lowe, Ron Sexsmith) but the songs and/or lyrics just can't stand muster of challenge in the nakedness of acoustical environment.

Now, Nick Lowe was not overly witty, chatty or conversational as many of us would think. He's the kind of bloke you can have a pint or five with and exchange life stories with - I have a few friends who are good friends of the man so almost feel like I know him thru their own experiences with him as a friend of theirs.

I thought he would be this. He was not, really. Surprising, it was. But he was genuine, warm and inviting into his own world, if a bit distant. And in truly fine, fine voice.

PhotobucketWhat worked so well is that his body of work stood so tall. He played for 1 hour, 25 minutes including 2 encores. Not a long time. And he left 10 songs or so in his catalog of classics, hits, shoulda-been-hits, deep album trax on the table. My friends exchanged 'wows' at the end of the night at how many he did not play and yet we felt as if we heard plenty of what we expected.

Play some videos from this guy. Buy the recent reissue of "Jesus Of Cool", it's amazing. But his entire career is just filled with so many songs of wry, witty pop joy(even his country, folksinger releases) you owe to yourself to just take some time and enjoy. Brighten up the corners of your day and let his talent seep and sink into a few of those clogged up arteries and eek out a few extra smiles.

(Interesting interview w/ Elvis Costello in WBCN, Boston studio - I remember listening to this interview on the radio live at the time!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Check out the POWER POP GARDEN podcast!!!!

Here at NOT LAME we're always looking for cool podcasts to listen to and recommend, and if we can be pointed in the right direction, we'll be more than appreciative! Here's a really awesome one that was sent our way...check it out!!!

PhotobucketHey There! Wanted to share with you this cool radio show - POWER POP GARDEN, which
has been broadcasting many years and not enough folks know about the work that Adam Waltemire has been doing. The playlist is always eclectic but always grounded in great gathering of obscurities, new bands, a few classics and overlooked bands of years past. Just the right medicine for the open-minded pop fan! Check out the home page here: www.popgardenradio.com

...and listen to the podcast here: http://popgardenradio.podbean.com/

Here's the playlist of the latest show:

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Out of the Question
Posies - I May hate You Sometimes
America - Don't Cross the River
The Rubinoos - Can I
Superficials - Feng Shui
JC Smith - Dulcinea
Todd Rundgren - Couldn't I Just Tell You
Frisbie - I Speak Your Mind
Rick Nelson - Don't Leave Me Here
Nick Lowe - Cupid Must be Angry
Senio - Afternoon Delight
Dan Fogelberg - Longer
Beatles - I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
Blues Magoos - Gotta Get Away
The Ditchflowers - My Next Life
The Montanas - A Step in the Right Direction

Nushu - So Glad That You Dig Me
Smash Palace - I Want to Tell You
Steven Wright-Mark - Pawn Shop Crystal Ball
Dave Stephens - Being Next to You
Rockpile - If Sugar Was as Sweet as You
Rick Nelson - Give 'Em My Number
Merrymakers - Superstar
Smithereens - She's Got a Way
The Tokens - Don't Cry, Sing Along With the Music
Searchers - I'll Be Doggone
Rubinoos - Hard to Get
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - The Hurricane
Pugwash - This Could Be Good
Beach Boys - We're Together Again
Marty Rudnick - Some Summer
Tom Petty - Feel a Whole Lot Better

Parallax Project - Never Gonna Be That Way
Laurie Biagini - Crazy on Me
Rockpile - When I Write the Book
Paul & Linda McCartney - Uncle Albert/Admiral halsey
Barenaked Ladies - Everything Old is New Again
Lulu - The Trouble With Boys
The Rubinoos - I Wanna be Your Boyfriend

Monday, April 7, 2008

JANGLE ON! for APRIL 2008!

By Eric Sorensen‏, written exclusively for NOT LAME

Although there haven’t been many all-out jangly releases of late, a number of recently released discs have featured some excellent jangly, chiming tracks. Listed below are some of the standout albums and songs that have captured my ear:

PhotobucketCATHEDRAL SQUARE PARK – the latest full-length disc (on Rainbow Quartz) from THE LACKLOVES. Once again, Mike Jarvis and bandmates have crafted a superior pop album that carries on the sound of Jarvis’ former band, the Blow Pops, with tracks like “On My Way,” “Summer Rain,” “Hallmark Stars” and “Marlena.”

PhotobucketThe self-titled disc by THE ROLLO TREADWAY. “Kidnapped” is the most chiming track on this disc … and it merits consideration for “Song of the Month” honors.

Speaking of my “Song of the Month,” that honor belongs to “You Wanna Go” by TINY VOLCANO. It is as perfect a combination of Beatlesque and jangly pop as I have heard since the Spongetones were recording material in this genre!

THE MAGIC OPTICIAN – by THE FAST CAMELS. “Can You See Me?” and “Privately Insane” are bright spots on this debut disc - exhibiting jangly, chiming riffs.

PhotobucketBALLADE OF TRISTAM'S LAST HARPING by THE 17TH PYGMY. The closest this psych-pop outfit comes to jangly tracks is “New Generation” and “Let It Shine.” However, the album is a delightful romp from start to finish – taking seasoned listeners on a journey through the past that will remind them of classic Stones and Moody Blues psych-rock. The boy-girl vocals also bring back fond memories of Sweetwater and the Washington Squares.

PhotobucketPERFECT DISGUISE – the 16-song compilation (on Rainbow Quartz) by THE CONTRAST. Speaking of psych-pop, the Contrast are masters of this genre of pop music, and Perfect Disguise is a great introduction to the band for those who are unfamiliar with them. Chiming guitar riffs do sneak into several tracks – most notably “Disconnected.”

PhotobucketMISLED – by pop veteran TED LUKAS. I have enjoyed Ted Lukas’ music for almost fifteen years, and his solo output is no exception. Ted excels at straight-ahead power pop, infused with some roots appeal, and he turns up the treble setting on “Hearts Like Mine.”

Hot off the presses is PAMELA RICHARDSON’s new solo disc (on Steady Boy Records) – SAINTE-FORTUNAT. Pamela is a very talented singer/songwriter whose reverence for Gene Clark is often evident in her own songwriting. Austin All-Star Freddie Steady Krc produced this record, and Freddie and his longtime bandmate Cam King provide studio backup for Pam on the 12 tracks. While this album is not as jangly as her work with the pop-oriented Pralines, the songs on Sainte-Fortunat will connect with listeners at a deeper level. My favorite track is “Passion Simple” – which gives a nod to chiming guitars.

PhotobucketWHAT WE HAD – a 23-track compilation of early 80s material by the band WEDNESDAY WEEK. Remember the Bangles? Remember the Go-Gos? Of course you do. Remember the Wednesday Week? Probably not … but their sound will certainly remind you of both premier girl groups from that same era. “Looking Back” and “Also Clear” will both please jangleholics’ ears.

JANGLE WALTZ – by the PSYCHEDELIC COWBOYS. This concept album conjures up images of the Band’s The Last Waltz … with an eclectic blend of contemporary roots-rock and psychedelic flourishes. Twelve-string guitar riffs stand out on several of the tracks, so jangle enthusiasts will enjoy “Jangle 1,” “All Night,” “Last DWI” and the band’s cool cover version of Love’s “Alone Again Or” (which was also covered nicely in the late 80s by the Damned). The Psychedelic Cowboys look like a cross between the Grateful Dead and ZZ Top, so it must be a blast to see this band perform live!

Several older acquisitions also made their way into my play stack this past month:

WOW AND FLUTTER – by JIMMY ASCHENBENER. I discovered this album when it was available from mp3, and it has stood the test of time quite well. “Open Spaces” could easily be mistaken for an early REM song, right down to the vocals and the lyrics. The same can be said of “Just A Question.” Aschenbener’s chiming Rickenbacker will remind listeners of the Byrds and 60s pop on tracks like “I’ve Got A Heart, Too” and “Life After Stayce.”

PERSPEX ISLAND – ROBYN HITCHCOCK AND THE EGYPTIANS. Still my favorite Robyn Hitchcock album. “If You Go Away” and “Birds In Perspex” both overflowed with chiming pseudo-60s riffs. I can still remember cruising the blue highways of Virginia in the spring of 1991, with the sun roof open, listening to these great songs!

THUNDER AND THE PLAINS – ERIC STRAUMANIS. The chiming track “Center of Town” bears favorable comparisons with Tom Petty and Russ Tolman (“Murphy’s Barn”).

PhotobucketBLEECKER STREET: GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE 60S – this 16-song tribute to 60s singer/songwriters includes Marshall Crenshaw’s excellent version of “My Back Pages” (covered wonderfully last year by Jeffrey Foskett) and a terrific 1:40 instrumental version of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” that features an electric 12-string guitar … providing further evidence that Roger McGuinn knew best how to arrange this classic tune!

Until next month, jangle on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

THIS JUST IN: Massive power-pop festival in August! NOT LAME road-trip!!!

PhotobucketSo Bruce and I were pretty bummed around the office for a week or so when we couldn't go to South By Southwest this year. Not only did we miss out on all the awesome bands and such, but we also missed out on visiting what I believe to be the coolest city in America, Austin!

Just as we were about to give up hope an Austin trip, look what coems our way...a massive power-pop festival in, of all places, Austin! So how many NOT LAMERS are gonna buy us some drinks??????

From the press release:

"Rock-A-Round Entertainment is pleased to present its first annual Wild Weekend Power Pop Festival and Record Swap, Friday, August 29th and Saturday, August 30th, at Emo's in Austin, TX.

It's a weekend filled with exciting reunions mixed with some of today's most electrifying touring acts. Among the headliners of this 30-band weekend will be first wave UK punk artists The Boys ("First Time","I Don‚t Care"), appearing for their first U.S. show in over 25 years, and Paul Collins' Beat ("Rock N Roll Girl", "Walking Out On Love"), who defined the skinny-tie power pop sound of the
'80s. Other notable bands on this festival include Vancouver's Pointed Sticks ("What Do You Want Me To Do", "Apologies"), whose recent reissue of their epic "Perfect Youth" album spawned sold out shows in Japan and Canada. 20/20 ("Yellow Pills","Cheri") are back together to bring the quintessential power pop sound to the masses, alongside fellow Bomp Records alumni Nikki Corvette ("You're The One", "He's A Mover"). They will all be joined on several stages by two dozen "Now Wave" power pop bands, many of which are inspired by these reuniting headliners. The majority of the shows will be at Emo's, but several day parties and other events are scheduled at other Austin locations. A record swap is scheduled as well.

Bands performing include : Paul Collins' Beat, 20/20, Nikki Corvette, Boss Martians, Grand Champeen, The Boys, and many more! For a complete schedule of shows and other info, please visit the official Wild Weekend Myspace page!"