Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New video from P. HUX !!!

Straight from Bruce:

Our man, Parthenon Huxley has just put up a cool video of his song "Come Clean", which is his new album, KISS THE MONSTER.

Folks outside of the United States will, more than likely, not follow all the faces in the video but they are all prominent politicians - State Governors, Congressman, a mayor of a big city - caught up in sex scandals. (An Aside: when will this douche-bags stop forcing their wives to step on the stage with them and humiliate them anymore than they've been to make themselves look better? I try not to fall into the trap of condemnation of others but when you fall and screw up, own it on your own, guys.)


Here's a absolutely great interview w/ Parthenon with Brian Ibbot, host of Not Lame's podcast and one of the best podcasts on the planet, Coverville. Click here to download!!!

Since it's a show about cover songs and Parthenon has been a member of Orkestrtra (basically, ELO Part 2) for many years, listen in to hear what he plays from the ELO catalog, as well talking about and performing other covers songs he's done over the years! A lot of great music in this podcast!!


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