Friday, April 25, 2008

Free music from SLOAN and SHAKE SOME ACTION!!!!

If you're like us here at NOT LAME, you love music freebies!!! What better way for a band to promote themselves then to give away free tunes to help us make an educated decision when it comes time to buy their album--and from the sound of these tracks from SLOAN and SHAKE SOME ACTION, go ahead and put my order in!!!

PhotobucketSLOAN: The upside of the digital life. Sloan has just posted a full preview of their upcoming album. RIGHTEOUS!! And the album is pretty much the same, as well. Do these guys make bad records? Never. ENJOY!!

Click here to stream!!!


PhotobucketSHAKE SOME ACTION: Seattle's fave power-pop sons contacted me and asked that if we thought this new song, "Looking For Someone" from their upcoming record Sunny Days Ahead was rockin' enough, if we could post guys don't evenhave to ask! We'll always be happy to post tunes from a kick-ass band like Shake Some Action!!!

Click here to download "Looking for Someone"!!!

Want some more Shake Some Action??? Check out this behind-the-scenes footage and get pumped for the new album!!!


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