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Bruce's NEW AT NOT LAME Update for late July 2008!!!

Straight from the boss, here's Bruce's list of what's new at NOT LAME...

Here are the Top New Releases on the Not Lame web site for July. There are many new releases on da 'ole home page, but for the time starved, these are the ones worth of your precious time. Click on the links for full mini-reviews on each CD and listen 'n sample lots of soundbites, as well. Have Fun!

PhotobucketTHE DOLL TEST - "Mosque Alarm Clock"
Sloan-esque poppings all over this - definitely plenty of The dB`s, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, New Pornographers. A great band just ripping it up w/ their Rickenbackers! It`s just classic power pop with a distinct Northwestern edge. The Doll Test are from members of Seattle pop greats, The Model Rockets( Scott Sutherland, Boyd Remillard and Graham Black)!! Fans of The Model Rockets will not be disappointed!
“Mosque Alarm Clock” is a tasty adrenalized brew of no-filler powerful and rocking sharply crafted pop. At every turn, armies of chiming 12 strings stride confidently and rough-and-tumble incendiary melodies and vocals that can make the earth move.

First-rate performances and bang-on harmonies mingle with decidedly adroit arrangements, timeless production nuances and subtly profound lyrics, ultimately confirming the Telepathic Butterflies membership among the contemporary masters of the melodic pop realm.
A compelling examination of modern life expounding on the drudgery, alienation and paranoia of everyday life yet offering redemption in the soaring harmonies, ringing melodies and lovingly crafted songs.

PhotobucketSUMMER SUNS - "Greatest"
22 song best of compilation! THE SUMMER SUNS (1985-1996) were part of the vanguard of the Perth pop scene in a truly halcyon era. They played a melodious blend of '70s influenced power pop and '60s folk rock and featured a revolving door line-up of most of Perth, Western Australia's premier pop musicians - including DOM MARIANI of The Stems, The Someloves and DM3.
A must for fans of Australian power pop - no doubt! The classic archetypes are all over each and every one of the 22 songs here.

PhotobucketJEFF LARSON - "Left Of A Dream"
2008 release from this long time soft-poppin’ favorite here at Not Lame since he arrived on the scene in the late 90s! Jeff Larson is incapable of disappointing his fans, even has he takes stylistic detours, which he does not do here.
Echoes of very early Eagles and Poco, Pousette-Dart Band and a bit of Bill Lloyd, there are lots of chimey guitars, sticky and yummy harmonies and songs that evoke a spirit of another time and still feel `right` for now!
Help Beach Boy/Brian Wilson band leader Jeffrey Foskett and Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell are indicators of the sounds on this new disc. While not a classic power pop record as many here are used to, if you like your pop on the soft side of the fence. VERY Highly Recommended!

THE POP PROJECT - "Stars Of Stage And Screen
CLASSIC Not Lame styled pure power pop! Stars of Stage and Screen was five years in the making, and its prolonged gestation is reflected in the meticulous craft of the arrangements — producer Andy Thompson has covered every song with a delicious layer of honey and powdered sugar to complement the band’s love for ringing guitars, touches of brass, new wave-y keyboards, and (of course) the requisite stacks of glorious, glorious vocal harmonies.

PhotobucketTHE RIP OFF ARTISTS - "Esque"
This is top-shelf pop, Not Lame-style. Fans of Michael Penn, Doug Powell and The Candy Butchers do NOT miss out with “Esque” from The Rip Off Artists!

PhotobucketSUGAR HIGH - "Let The Sunshine Out"
Created with guitars, violins, and Casio keyboards, the angles vary from moody acoustic tracks to jarring rockers and soaring power pop, all delivered with newfound depth and urgency. Recorded over the course of two years in a vintage, analog studio by whiz producer Bob Hoag -- it was worth the wait.
Big, fat guitar riffs with undeniably aching lead guitar parts and, importantly, sweet harmonies, driving guitars and mountain-sized hooks abound. Very Highly Recommended!!

PhotobucketDROPKICK - "Dot The 'i'"
UK import and what a find!
You will be hard-pressed to find any recent band more enamored and pleasurably emulative of Teenage Fanclub than Dropkick. It’s, simply, a sparkling, sun-drenched soaking of melodic guitar jangle pop. Fans of The Primary 5, The Pyramidiacs and Michael Carpenter, this is very familiar territory. Like those artists, Dropkick exude and emulate their classic influences without resorting to outright plagiarism and doing their own brand of jangled up power pop.

PhotobucketTHE CHEVELLES - "Barbarella Girl God"
A perfect introduction to – THE CHEVELLES! 16 songs, 12 of which are remastered from their back-catalog and 4 great new ones!


Fans of Teenage Fanclub, Orange Humble Band, The Jawhawks and Michael Carpenter, you h ave found more new nirvana, trust us!
The Forresters debut release `Skindeep` spans the musical spectrum from power pop to blues tinged soul, alt. country to straight ahead rock`n`roll. There is a timeless essence to the sound of this record and on first listen one might get the feeling that they have stumbled across a lost 70`s country pop gem.
It`s about as classic of a all-round great pop record as we`ve the last few years -- With tender melodies, wonderful chord progressions, and a command of a particular sound.

PhotobucketTHE BOSS MARTIANS - "Pressure In The Sodo"
A long time since their last one but they are back and they rock HUGE with style of mixing garage, power pop and kick-ass rock ‘n roll.
There's a duet with Iggy Pop with guitars so explosive they sound like a street fight between Ted Nugent and Wayne Kramer. Other highlights include the prog punk-infused “Don’t Wanna See You Again” (with the Jon Lordlike work of Martians’ keys man NickC), the Cheap Trick-inspired power ballad “And She’s Gone,” and the huge-sounding epic rocker “Elsie,” with its Thin Lizzy-meets-The Who guitar heroics.
VERY Highly Recommended!!

PhotobucketGIGANTIC - "Giganticphonic Sounds (w/ free limited EP")
Australian import. Aussie pop fans will hear the familiar Australian template of pop DNA of such bands as DM3 and The Chevelles on some of this material, never a bad thing! Ffull of catchy hooks, crunchy guitars and pure indie rock bliss.
The result is great pop songs sorrounded by a pristine sound, on an album that take you in different directions. Enjoy this record by a band with a bright future ahead, exceptional heirs to the immortal tradition of Australian power pop.
All 12 songs here each deliver a perfect balance and blending of sweet melodies, carefully ringing guitars and a sleepy, pleasurable vocal style.


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