Monday, July 21, 2008


PhotobucketIs there really any music channel scummier than VH1*? OK, sure, MTV, but that's a given. But it seems like VH1 goes out of its way to piss off "real" music fans with their continually pretentious "tributes" to rock legends. The latest to receive this "honor" is, one of the greatest bands of all time, THE WHO.

Now I don't know a single Not Lamer who isn't a WHO fan. You know the music, you know the legend, so you don't need me to recount it here for you. Knowing all this, if you were going to have a tribute concert to the WHO, who would you pick? Their legendary contemporaries who are on par with them, right? Page and Plant, Paul McCartney, Jagger...anyone that understands how important their music was to that time and place.

PhotobucketBut no, VH1 couldn't give a damn about all that. Instead, they'd rather fill the red carpet with tweeny-bopper idiots like Mila Kunis(!) and Kim Kardashian(!!) to get a couple of notices on TMZ than actually, oh, I don't know, CARE ABOUT THE MUSIC! So,w ho did they get to perform songs...well: Pearl Jam did an okay cover of "Love Reign O'er Me" and the Flaming Lips wowed with a great TOMMY medley. And the overrated Foo Fighters were in their somewhere too.

But then came INCUBUS. INCUBUS?!?! REALLY!?!?! These shitty frat-rockers don't deserve to clean the spittle offa Roger's mic, let alone share a stage with them. And then Teancious D shows up. I think they are funny, but in no way should they be paying tribute to the WHO. And, as if to twist that knife just a bit deeper, FREAKIN' ADAM SANDLER shows up to do some horrifically shitty "parody" song to the tune of "Magic Bus". KILL ME NOW!

PhotobucketLater the WHO showed up and played a few songs, and while they are a shadow of their former selves, at least they know how to ROCK. Incubus, take some notes--or better yet, take a handful of sleeping pills. You won't be missed.

So the big question is, because we all know VH1 will just do it all again next year, who will the Dis-HONOR next? Howzabout Pink Floyd, with "performances" by Katy Perry,
Young Jeezy, Creed, Jack Johnson and the winner of LAST COMIC STANDING???

As a bonus, here's a clip of the WHO from THE ROCK'N'ROLL CIRCUS!!!

(*NOTE: This does not extend to VH1 Classic, the bastard step-child channel that VH1 has tried to hide by putting it on 567. It is probably the best thing on cable, second to Food Network. I loves me some Paula Deen!)


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