Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Eisele

As if the previous weren't enough, James Eisele writes:
You are gonna freak when you hear my new cd (Perseverance). We purposely kept it all guitar - there are no keyboards or sax in any of it. My engineer said we should just focus on my guitar playing. He told me he wanted it to be the recording best representing my guitar playing. I think we achieved that. The recording is loosely based on Hendrix's Axis: Bold As Love, although we had to drop two songs off the cd because of possible copyright infringement. The songs will appear on our next cd when that gets worked out. It's too bad tho', those two songs are killer.
I'm also finishing up my next jazz/pop cd, Smooth Sailing. I think that's gonna be pretty good too - I've got Bob Corbit on that one as well as Tom McCarty on bass and Karri Daley (the gal that's sings on New Age). The songs are more recent so they have a little bit more to offer.


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