Wednesday, November 18, 2009



James Eisele is a gifted guitarist from Madison, Wisconsin who has been playing in blues bands for three decades. His blues guitar is drenched in bittersweet flletness with dazzling runs and shocking arpeggios. Now James has released two CDs, one devoted to the blues and one to jazz.

3rd Degree Blues is the type of music you’d expect to hear at Blue Chicago, Buddy Guy’s Club, or the Buffalo Chip during Bike Week at Sturgis. Michael BB on keyboards and Bob Corbit on sax make this an ass-shaking, deeply moving experience.

Coming Into a New Age is a collection of jazz originals that evoke a smoky night club in Harlem late at night. James’ warbly voice is an acquired taste but those who acquire it can’t get enough.

Both CDs are available from CD Baby. On Facebook, check out James Jeffrey Eisele.


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