Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And I thought my music collection was bad...

PhotobucketFrom CMJ:

The world's supposed "Greatest Music Collection," consisting of three million records, 300,000 CDs and more than six million song titles, is currently being sold via eBay. The comprehensive hoard of five generations worth of music was amassed by music aficionado, or rather junkie, Paul Mawhinney, who bought his first record, a Frankie Lane song, some 60-odd years ago and has persisted in fiendishly purchasing ever since.

As soon as his collection grew to 160,000 records, his better half urged for the displacement of this space-consuming desire. Instead of conceding altogether, Mawhinney sought out a 16,000-square-foot, climate-controlled warehouse and continued to augment the genre-spanning collection—the estimated value of which exceeds 50 million dollars. The starting bid, however, is set at three million, without reserve. Whether it be guilt from downloading or the opportunity to call yourself the owner of the world's "Greatest Music Collection" that compels you to bid, one thing is certain: Whoever wins will own a significant chunk of history.

This final eBay bid? Over $3 million!!!

While I may be a plebian for preferring CDs over vinyl (yes, I am a child of the digital age), I gotta admit that I could only wish to own that much music, but what I'm really jealous of is his storage units! I would kill for a library-style shevling system for all my music and DVDs. Custom-shelves, made to fit all your entertainment items, cataloged and alphabetized--this is pure music geek wish-listing!

Do you have a large collection and some serious shelving? Are you proud of them? Send me your pictures to and we'll post them! Make all us geeks jealous!!!


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